Magento eCommerce SEO Services

Megento Seo

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the solution which is the most affordable practice for driving more traffic to your eCommerce store boosting revenue. Ranking with higher positions becomes feasible when you optimize your eCommerce site compliant with search engines guidelines. With improved keywords ranking positions, potential customers can find & reach out to you for purchasing your products you sell

AdornCommerce is a firm that does the above job. Rather than using black-hat SEO tactics, we only practise white-hat SEO tactics saving your Magento eCommerce sites from getting penalized by search engines. We offer custom built and affordable SEO packages with varying pricing that suit your individual needs. Get in touch with us and learn how AdornCommerce’s tech-enabled eCommerce SEO specialists can increase the sales and revenue graph of your online store

On-page SEO for eCommerce sites

We conduct in-depth keyword research and identify which keywords are commonly used by visitors when they search for purchasing products. We then proceed to on-site SEO audit and ranking factors such as titles, Hx tags, image ALT tags and text to make those pages optimized for the keywords we identified in keyword research activity.

On-site optimization is anything that you do within your eCommerce website to optimize for the search engines. We will consider the following key factors. They are listed as follows:

  • Title & Meta tags
  • Website structure
  • Navigation structure
  • URL rewriting/optimization
  • Sitemap creation
  • URL Indexation & crawling
  • Canonical tags
  • Robots.txt file optimization
  • Elimination of broken link
  • Resolution for HTTP status codes
  • Organizing categories & subcategories
  • Website loading speed
  • Mobile friendly site
  • Schema mark-up for rich snippets

Off-page SEO for eCommerce sites

Off-page SEO is conducted after on-page optimization has been completed. We only focus on building authoritative and quality links to your eCommerce portal in order to gain more and more online orders for your products. Of course, we also consider relevancy while building backlinks so that you can get maximum benefit.

We conduct link moderation procedure to monitor the acquired backlinks to ensure that we are heading to the right direction. Poor and low quality backlinks are hazardous to any eCommerce or service based websites. We never practice any activities that cause negative SEO.

In off-site SEO, there are very less factors in comparison with on-site SEO. However, those off-site SEO factors are very labour intensive and time consuming. The following are the major ones:

  • Quality link building
  • Social media engagement
  • Content contribution & marketing

Monitoring Google crawler reports/issues within Google Search Console (GSC)

Google Search Console provides a useful source of information regarding a site’s health. Google search Console is a no-charge web service by Google for webmasters. By using this tool, we will be providing you reports with accurate data, individual page count, image click count and accurate data consolidated by full name.

Google Analytics maintenance

By using Google offered web analytics service, we learn about important stats like Users, Sessions, Returning Users, New Users, Bounce Rate, Traffic Source & Channels etc. With the help of Google Analytics management we will:

  • Track the productivity of your social engagement
  • Help you determine the conversion rate of your webstore
  • Help you measure the impact of mobile browsing to your website
  • Help analyse content performance
  • Help you monitor the performance of ads
  • Set up events and goals when needed
  • Ensure that the tracking codes are in place
  • Set up advanced segments
  • Create specific reports tailored for your business needs