Magento Technical Audit

Every individual makes sure that his luxuries are maintained in the best possible way, for which he conducts various check-ups at regular intervals. An E-commerce website needs to be maintained in similar fashion. Irrespective of the fact that you are provided service by the best service provider (Of course! We are referring to ourselves), it is always advisable to get a feedback from the third party. This feedback may add to the efficiency of your shop.

A magento technical audit is essentially required when you are experiencing- slow page or admin load, magento error message, orphaned transactions, product or category listing issues, catching issues, indexing problems, Cron scheduling failures, unknown downtime, checkout problems and such alike. All these things are hindrance to your effective administration of website, which may turn out to be deadly.

A technical assessment by AdornCommerce will help you examine your online store and identify potential technical issues that need to be fixed to help you grow and scale the business. It will in other words make sure that you are boozed with any kind of traverses. This assessment by our experienced auditors enables you to have a clear understanding of whether the best practises were used in the development and the data entry process or not.


What you’ll get with our Magento Technical Audit

With AdornCommerce’s Magento eCommerce technical audit you’ll get expert individual in-depth analysis with a comprehensive overview of the state of your store’s code quality and overall usability.

  • An executive summary of findings with priorities a quick overview
  • 3rd party extensions preliminary review
  • Detailed explanation of findings and suggested solutions
  • Database integrity review (to ensure that data is recorded exactly as intended)
  • Top priorities for your developers
  • Code quality review (systematic examination of your store source code)
  • Analysis of potential Magento core system modifications
  • Speed and performance analysis (HTTP requests, optimizations, expire headers…)

By a technical assessment, the client not only gets information about the problems the store is facing but also this assessment by AdornCommerce helps them to gain valuable information and ideas for setting up future plans in order to improve sales and conversion drivers.

Our analysis respects the uniqueness of your business. We are not using an automated process that is applied in every case. We want to make sure you end up with recommendations based on an actual condition of your site. Start the conversation about the magento technical audit you’re interested into by filling out the Contact Us form.