June 4, 2020

5 Secret Ways To Increase eCommerce Store Sales

With the help of Magento 2 development, it has become very easy to set up an eCommerce store and start your own business. But after opening an online store, a big question comes in front of us: how to generate more sales? There are many ways to increase eCommerce store sales but not all will work.

Different businesses might need different strategies for increasing sales. While there are some proven tactics that can measurably help you to boost your eCommerce store sales.

5 secret ways to increase eCommerce store sales

  1. Generate paid traffic
  2. Build trust within buying process
  3. Make checkout process easier
  4. Email marketing works for all businesses
  5. Highlight benefits of the product

Let us understand each point in detail and grow your eCommerce store sales.

1. Generate paid traffic

Paid traffic is the best option if your product is worth using or if it makes a great impact in people’s life. You can easily get lots of traffic by focusing on targeted audiences.

Once you have set up a winning ad campaign, it can prove to be game-changing in your business and increase eCommerce store sales to the next level.

The campaign might not work on one go. But you should test the water by spending a small amount, and then you find your suitable converging audience so you can continue and continue generating sales from your eCommerce store.

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2. Build trust within buying process

Customers will not directly purchase your product from homepage or product listing or just by seeing your ad. You need to create trust with your visitors and try to engage them with live support chat by asking them for what they are looking for in your store.

Provide social proof, customer reviews for your products. People will always go behind such products and buy immediately by trusting other real reviews.

3. Make checkout process easier

You can always make the checkout process simpler in many ways and this can be one of the elegant ways to increase eCommerce store sales.

You can use the call for price Magento extension to ease up users buying process and build trust by letting users know more about the product and decide accordingly.

You can allow users to purchase as a guest rather than making it mandatory for them to sign up. You can also use different payment gateways which enables one-click payment.

4. Email marketing works for all businesses

There are two ways to do email marketing. One is with the list of customers who have already purchased from your store and the other one is creating a new list by making people subscribe to your offers/ deals mail list.

There you can upsell or down-sell products by knowing customers purchasing behavior or tracking their wishlist and visited products.

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5. Highlight benefits of the product

Show the benefits of your product which can be seen in a first go. Visitors should know what they will get after purchasing your product and how it will help them.

Take good pictures of your products and showcase them. It might be a little tricky sometimes for inexperienced vendors to click such images though you can follow a simple tutorial that can help you to click better images with fewer resources.

You can use software like canva.com, online photoshop to edit images, and others you can google out!

Wrapping up

If you find these ways to increase eCommerce store sales worth implementing, then do let us know in comments and also let us know if you got any other secret trick to increase eCommerce sales. We would love to hear it from you.

We can also help you develop your online Magento 2 store and start selling online in this digital world. Contact us at info@adorncommerce.com and we will get back to you with our eCommerce experts to consult you.